Thursday, August 14, 2014

Garbage and Recycling Hauler Transition- Update #5

New garbage and recycling carts are going to be dropped off at the end of your driveway beginning Wednesday August 20, 2014 and completed by August 30, 2014. Please be prepared to move your new carts to an area near your residence. The Village will be lenient if carts are left outside a garage during the transition. Once the Advanced Disposal Carts are picked up, please put your new carts in your garage space.

The location of the refuse containers for pick up needs to be within the apron of each resident’s driveway, NOT in the street. This will aid the street sweeper, plow trucks and traffic to easily navigate the street. Please remember to place each cart approximately 5 feet from each other so the garbage arm can easily grasp each cart. During the winter we encourage cart placement to be on the downstream side of your driveway to prevent the carts from being pushed over by the snow that the snow plow is throwing.

Additional questions can be emailed to or call 468-5225 and ask for Victoria.