Thursday, July 31, 2014

Garbage and Recycling Hauler Transition - Update #3

With the garbage and recycling hauler change beginning September 1, 2014, we understand that the cart transition to the new hauler will be the biggest change.  As noted in previous updates, Advanced Disposal carts will be picked up beginning the week of August 25, 2014.  Every household will have already been delivered their new carts from Harter’s (our new hauler) which will then begin their first pick-up in their carts beginning September 2, 2014.  This change will result in a price reduction in garbage and recycling services which will be passed on to residents over the life of the contract (seven years).  The savings received includes any costs associated with the Village transitioning to our new hauler’s carts.  Please also note that when new carts are delivered an informational flyer on the transition will be provided.

As stated in our existing contract with Advanced Disposal initiated five years ago, the carts are their property.  The contract stated, “All containers furnished by Contractor for use by Household Units, shall while in the possession and control of the Household Unit, remain the property of Contractor and neither the Household Unit nor the Village shall have any ownership rights to such containers”.  The cost of carts, since the initiation of the contract, has been included as part of the charge on the utility bill for each residence.  There was no contract or agreement with Advanced Disposal that after the five years the carts would belong to homeowners or that contract pricing would be reduced.  The Village understands that this may have not been clearly communicated when the Village made the transition to cart collection or during the term of this current contract period and we apologize for any lack of clarity in our communication.

The Village and Harter’s are again asking for your continued patience as we work to make this transition as smooth as possible.  Also, please understand that the actual time of your weekly pick-up might change due to Harter’s adjusting the daily route.  If your garbage and recycling does not get picked up on your assigned day, please contact Harter’s at (715) 253-2619 or (888) 804-8556 or email

If you have additional questions please e-mail or call the Village Office at 468-5225 and ask for Victoria.