Monday, July 21, 2014

Garbage and Recycling Hauler Transition - Update #2

The Village will be changing its garbage and recycling hauler September 1, 2014 to Harter’s Fox Valley Disposal.  Our first update on this topic was on June 27 and focused on the transition required for switching to our new providers carts.  We will provide further updates on the cart transition in future posts.  The Village’s Garbage & Recycling page of the website is also updated with any information or past information from these updates.

One of the primary questions we’ve heard from residents since this announcement is simply, “why are we changing haulers”.  The Village’s existing contract with Advanced Disposal was set to expire on August 31, 2014 upon completion of a five year contract term.  Similar to other Village contracts, staff began the process to review options for renewal of the contract or use of other vendors.  Working closely with the Village Board, pricing was received from our existing hauler and two other haulers.  In making the decision the Board focused on maintaining a similar level of service as currently provided to residents, securing cost savings and providing a fair evaluation process amongst haulers.  The Board made the decision to contract with a new hauler at its May 28th regular meeting.

The costs for garbage and recycling services are directly paid by each resident through monthly utility billing.  There will be an annual estimated savings of approximately $120,000 when compared to our current contract.  That savings will be passed on directly to our residents.  It is difficult to quantify what that savings will mean monthly due to costs that fluctuate from month to month including fuel and charges for the tonnage of waste disposed at the landfill.

We will continue to provide additional information through our website and other social media tools throughout this transition.  In addition, when new carts are delivered a flyer providing necessary information on the transition will be provided by Harter’s.  If you have additional questions please e-mail or call the Village Office at 468-5225.