Friday, February 28, 2014

Bellevue Freezing Water Services

Should I be running my water like the news is saying other Cities are allowing?

The Village is not recommending it and if you do, you will be charged the normal water and sewer rates for use.  Bellevue has a relatively new water system that have most of the water services buried deep under the current frost levels.  As such we have had only 10 water services freeze over the past month.  The water utility staff have worked long hours to restore water to those properties.  Those frozen services are the only properties the Utility allows to run water continuously without additional use charges.  The utility keeps close track of the water to account for the additional unmetered use.

Most homes use enough water throughout the day and weekend to keep the services open.  We have heard that some residences program dishwashers, washers, and water softeners to run during the night to prevent long hours of nonuse.  Businesses with water service under the parking lot are particularly susceptible to deep frost freezing.  It is difficult to determine where those are, but if your water service does freeze up, please call the Village Offices at 468-5225 any and your concern will be addressed.

The main reasons the Village has not recommended running water like other communities is that we have not had the freezing issues and the cost associated with running the water.  The Village pays for every gallon of water, whether it is billed to the resident or not.  If everyone in the Village ran their water as recommended, it would cost nearly $1 Million Dollars per month, and neither the Utility, nor the residents have that kind of money to invest in water.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Village of Bellevue’s Interactive Web Mapping System takes First Place at the Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA) Conference.

The Village of Bellevue’s Interactive Web Mapping System won First Place in the interactive web mapping category at the 2014 Wisconsin Land Information Association Conference, held on February 13th-14th in Middleton, WI. The WLIA focuses on statewide land records modernization, GIS, GPS, and related technologies. The group consists of GIS professionals, educators, and users from federal, county, municipal, and private organizations.

 Tim Hennig, the GIS Coordinator for the Village of Bellevue, attended the conference this year and presented the Village’s Open Source Interactive Web Mapping System. This was the first time a village submitted such a system for judging and is also one of very few open source (free) web mapping systems in the state that have been developed internally.  The application runs on open source web and GIS servers that work with our commercial based enterprise GIS and database systems.
“I’m very pleased that the Village of Bellevue was recognized for such a service to the public.” said Tim Hennig, GIS Coordinator.  “What’s great about our system is that it brings in all sorts of information from almost all of our departments, in some shape or form, everyone is a contributor.  In addition, Village staff, DPW, and Public Safety interact with GIS every day in their office, on foot, vehicle, or fire truck.”
The Village’s web based GIS provides the public with opportunity to utilize some of Bellevue’s enterprise GIS from wherever they may be located.  The available layers were chosen based on frequent data requests by the public. 

The Village will continue to seek other open source avenues that would allow the Village to save additional monies.  You can visit Bellevue’s Web Mapping System at:

Thomas Guyette Named Bellevue Citizen of the Year by BBPA

The Bellevue Business and Professional Association (BBPA) awarded its 2013 Citizen of the Year Award to Thomas Guyette for his many hours of service and his assistance to the community.  Mr. Guyette is the current Chairperson of the Village of Bellevue Economic Development Advisory Board, member of the Village Site Plan Review Commission and was the driving force behind the creation of the Bellevue Citizen’s Academy.  The Citizen’s Academy is a six week course for interested parties to learn more about Village operations, to understand behind the scenes activity and expand the overall understanding about what the Village offers.  Mr. Guyette has also been an active volunteer and committee member with many other organizations serving northeast Wisconsin.

This is the 27th year of the BBPA presenting this award.  The BBPA started in the mid 70’s as a means for local business people to meet and share information.  Today the association includes more than 60 member businesses and 80 representatives from those businesses.  The ideals of the BBPA are to continue to foster growth in the Village of Bellevue, to help improve the quality of life in the Village and to bring business people together to share ideas and thoughts, to share solutions to common problems and to help create an awareness among businesses and residents of the reasons why Bellevue is “A Great Place To Grow”.


Pictured is Thomas Guyette and BBPA Secretary, Steve Mastalir.