Friday, December 13, 2013

Please Help Our Snowplow Drivers

In order to ensure efficient plowing of Village streets, please help out and do not do the following:
Deposit Snow in Street
It is illegal for residents to deposit snow within the streets of Bellevue. Placing snow in street after plowing occurs, places a liability risk to the Village and the property owner if an accident were to occur as a result of the snow deposit.  Snow deposits may freeze and alter the driving path of plows, vehicles and people walking in the road.  Please take the time to make sure any snow is deposited behind the curb.
Place Garbage Bins in Street on Collection Day
Placing garbage bins in the road slows the operations down and does not allow plowers to effectively remove the snow from the street.  Please make sure the bins are placed in the driveway behind the curb.  The arms of the garbage trucks can reach out up to 10 feet.