Thursday, February 28, 2013

Village Hall Expansion Project In Planning Stages

The Village Board of Trustees approved on February 23, 2011 the re-creation of the Building Space Needs Committee. The committee was charged with conducting an independent review of the Village's main facilities. 

This investigation included the identification of any deficiencies (i.e. space, safety, accessibility).  Additionally, if deficiencies existed, identify and prioritize possible solutions to resolve the identified deficiencies.  The Committee's effort in 2012 followed those by previous committees in 1998 and 2004.

The final reports from the three most recent Building Space Needs Committees can be found at the Village's website.


The committee's first steps were to become familiar with the Village's current facilities and operations.  Village staff provided a detailed tour of the Village's main facilities, including:
  • Public Safety Building / Village Hall - 3100 Eaton Road
  • Village Offices - 2828 Allouez Avenue
  • Public Works Garage/Shop - 2828 Allouez Avenue
  • Community Center / Fire Station #2 - 1811 Allouez Avenue
The committee also reviewed detailed budget information including the Village's five-year financial management plan and six-year capital improvement plan.  Lastly the Committee reviewed the structural deficiencies of the Village Offices at 2828 Allouez Avenue.



 By unanimous vote, the committee established the following priorities:
  1. Short-term Repairs to Village Offices - The Village should make minor repairs to the Village Offices to ensure that the building remains in a safe and usable condition for at least four years.  The purpose of the the repairs are to provide a bridge until the expansion of the Public Safety Building / Village Hall occurs.
  2. Expand the Public Safety Building / Village Hall - The Village should expand the new Village Hall located at 3100 Eaton Road to include the Village's administrative staff.  The committee made this determination based on several factors:  The cost to repair and upgrade the facility at 2828 Allouez Avenue; The cost to expand the Public Safety Building will only increase over time; and The Public Safety Building was constructed to include future administrative offices.  The Committee recommended the expansion to take place in order for occupancy to occur within three years.
  3. Expand Cold Storage/Shop Space - The Village should expand cold storage to accommodate its growing fleet of equipment and vehicles.  The committee recognized that space is currently at capacity and that plans should be made to expand garage/shop space for Public Works.  It was suggested that the expansion take place at 1811 Allouez Avenue and include an additional 5,000 square feet of indoor, cold storage space.

Village Board Action

The Village Board of Trustees accepted the final report from the Building Space Needs Committee on April 11, 2012.  Subsequently, the Board adopted the 2013 Fiscal Year Operating Budget to include short-term building repairs at the Village Offices (2828 Allouez Avenue) and architectural design services for the future expansion of the Public Safety Building / Village Hall (3100 Eaton Road).
As a result of budget action, Village staff solicited proposals from several architecture firms for design services.  Additionally, the Architectural Design Steering Committee was formed to review and recommend one of the proposals.  The Architectural Design Steering Committee recommended the selection of SEH, Inc.


Capital Improvement Planning

The Village Board of Trustees adopted the six-year Capital Improvement Plan (2013-2018) on November 14, 2013.  The six-year plan includes the expansion of the Public Safety Building / Village Hall for 2015.  The budgeted estimated cost is $2.4 million.  Although the Village has approved the CIP, actual dollars have not been budgeted or borrowed to-date to complete this project.


Future Action

Village Administration is currently planning with representatives from SEH, Inc. to design the proposed building expansion.  As plan sets become available, information including drawings, renderings and budget estimates will be included on this web page.  Additionally, the Architectural Design Steering Committee will be reviewing the plans and providing a recommendation to the Village Board for future action.  Lastly, if the plan is approved, the expansion still must receive funding approval from the Village Board.



Additional questions and comments can be directed to Andrew Vissers, Community Development Director.