Sunday, January 27, 2013

Village Hunting Ordinance Revised

The Village Board recently took action at their January 23, 2012 meeting to repeal and recreate Municipal Code Chapter 9.01; which regulates the discharge of firearms and lawful hunting within the corporate limits of the village.

In the previous Ordinance, persons may discharge a firearm within allowable areas shown on a published Village Hunting Map.  Based on the approved map, hunting was allowed only by permit (within prohibited area) from the Village.

Under the new Ordinance, no person, excepting a duly authorized police or other law enforcement officer in the line of duty, shall discharge any firearm or other regulated weapon in the Village of Bellevue unless for the purpose of security, defense, hunting, or other lawful purpose consistent with the provisions of the chapter.   Lawful discharge of firearms or weapons for hunting or recreation shall occur only on those lands designated for such as use under the approved Hunting Overlay Map.

Additionally, Village hunting permits will no longer be necessary, as long as lawful hunting is performed within the hunting overlay districts established by the Ordinance.

For more information, including a PDF copy of the Hunting Overlay Map, please go to: