Monday, January 21, 2013

Bellevue Dog Park Effort Launches Facebook Page

The Bellevue Dog Park Ad-Hoc Committee has just launched a Facebook page to help promote their efforts to raise funds for an off-leach dog park in Bellevue.

The Facebook page can be found at:

What is the Bellevue Community Dog Park?

A place where our best friends have a place to run, roll around in mud, meet new four-legged friends and even catch a ball or Frisbee.

The Leisure Services Department, Friends of Bellevue Parks, Oak View Veterinary Hospital and a group of  volunteer citizens are working to create and operate a community dog park in the Village of Bellevue.

Fundraising is now on-going with the hope of raising enough funds to install a fence, drive access and parking to begin operations.

How Can I Support The Bellevue Dog Park?

The Bellevue Dog Park Committee is currently organizing several community fundraisers.  If you'd like to assist the committee in organizing and helping conduct events, please contact Joel Gregozeski at (920) 468-5225.