Friday, October 12, 2012

Village Receives $25,000 Focus on Energy Grant

The Village of Bellevue has been awarded a $25,000 grant from the WPS Schools and Government Energy Efficiency Program that will help implement energy efficiency projects throughout the Village's facilities.  These efficiency projects will ultimately save taxpayer dollars and reduce the Village's carbon footprint.

Bellevue is one of 12 governmental agencies to receive an award through the WPS program.  The Village will be undertaking several energy saving projects for which the grant money will be used.  The following are an example of some of the projects:
  • Re-lamping of lighting systems to energy efficient fluorescent or LEDs
  • Installation of occupancy sensor switches
  • Updating/retooling of HVAC systems to be more energy efficient
The Village of Bellevue is committed to being more energy efficient.  In 2012, the Village formed a "Green" committee of staff members.  The Committee is working on ways to provide internal cost savings through energy efficiency and lean processes.