Monday, July 16, 2012

Brown County Orders Burn Ban

A burning ban has been placed throughout Brown County.  Please note that any valid burning permits are hereby suspended and any new burning permits will not be issued until conditions improve.

 It is further recommended that:
  • No recreational campfires except in developed fire rings or comparable portable devices on hard, non-combustible surfaces
  • No smoking outdoors except in non-combustible areas (e.g., on a driveway)
  • No outdoor burning of combustible materials, such as fireworks or tiki torches
  • Use charcoal or propane grills in the immediate vicinity of a residence on a non-combustible surface (e.g., driveway, patio, gravel)
  • Do not dispose of burning materials outdoors, including matches, cigarettes, ashes, or charcoal briquettes
 Any reports of burning of any kind during this time will result in the fire being extinguished by fire department personnel, with possible monetary charges for service and/or fines.