Thursday, June 28, 2012

Budget 2013 Toolkit Available Starting July 15th

Beginning July 15th, The Village will be publishing an online Budget Toolkit to help educate the general public on the 2013 FY budget.  The Toolkit is being developed to allow village residents, community groups, and other interested individuals an opportunity to:
  • Learn more about the Village’s budget,
  • Understand the budgeting process and
  • Provide input on how the Village is meeting your expectations and how we can better focus our efforts on outcomes of importance to the community.
Last year, through the “Budget Advice Scorecard” we focused on clarifying the underlying priorities on which the Village’s budget should be built and the importance of specific services to you.  The scorecard looked at specific service areas, such as public safety, community development, public works and leisure services. Over 200 individuals completed the scorecard.  This year, the Budget Toolkit takes a more holistic look at the entire Village budget and the breadth of  services, specifically the achievement of outcomes for each of our services. 

The Toolkit will provide a brief overview of the Village’s budget process. Then we’ll immerse you in the budget process through an exercise in which we ask you to allocate $100,000. You’ll be asked to identify specific issues, outcomes or goals that you want to see funded in the budget, and finally, you will have an opportunity to complete an online budget survey.

The 2013 Budget Toolkit will be available starting on July 15, 2012 at the following url:

(IMPORTANT: The 2013 Budget Toolkit will be used as one tool in developing the budget. The Village Board will be looking at a variety of factors in budget decisions, and we want to provide interested individuals an opportunity to provide some input through the online survey. Your selections will not be   reflected in your official tax bill, this is only a survey of residents’ preferences.)