Sunday, February 5, 2012

5 Questions With Village Trustee Candidate: Tom Katers

The Village of Bellevue will be holding a primary election on February 21, 2012 to nominate the candidates who will compete to fill two Trustee positions open this spring. In an effort to educate Bellevue residents, the candidates were given the opportunity to answer five basic questions regarding their campaign.

Below are the responses from Candidate Tom Katers.

Question #1: Can You Tell Us About Yourself?
Hello, my name is Tom Katers. I am a husband of 16 years and father of three boys ages 11, 8, and 6. I have been a resident of Bellevue all but three years of my life. I am employed at Raasch Associates as a Civil Engineering Technician for over 16 years. I enjoy all outdoor activities including camping, deer hunting, taking motorcycle rides and most any sporting event. I am currently a Yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do and have coached Striker’s soccer for the past six years. I have also coached and participated in many of the leisure service programs, including basketball and softball.

Question #2: Why are you running for municipal office?
I am running for Village Trustee because I want this community to continue to grow and prosper even in today’s challenging economic times. I want my children and my children’s children to be able to enjoy all this community has to offer.

I have sat on the Site Plan Review Commission for over 10 years, represent the village of Bellevue and Town of Scott on the Brown County Plan Commission Board of Directors and have attended many Village of Bellevue Board and Plan Commission meetings to prepare myself for this position. I look forward to working with the public and the Board to provide this community with continued leadership.

Question #3: What is the single biggest issue Bellevue faces today or will face during the next few years?
I don’t know if there is a single “biggest” issue that faces the village, rather, many that will need attention in years to come. With cut backs becoming commonplace in government these days I believe it is important to keep a balance of government spending and cuts.

A few issues that will be important to me are: The tax rate and keeping property taxes low, taking care of our infrastructure, including the Fire Department, the Police representation, keeping roads improved, and maintaining and expanding the parks system.

I also want to keep doors open to existing and new business so they feel like they have our support in their growth, because a strong business community keeps the tax base low.

I value and believe the Leisure Service programs, the Senior programs, and the village activities including the chili cook-off and community picnic are major reasons the village population continues to grow.

Question #4: What is your view about how local government should operate?
I believe our local government should listen to and work with the public on all issues, we need to listen to and work with existing business owners, new business owners and any available property owners in all their ventures, and finally listen to, work with and support village staff in their efforts to manage the village on a day to day basis.

Question #5 - If you could say one thing concerning your campaign, what would it be?
If I could say one thing about my campaign it would be that I really want people to know that I am an every day, middle class, family man who cares about this community very much and envisions our village continuing to grow into the future, but still keeping important the close community feel we have all enjoyed through the years.  With good listening and ability to work well with others I believe I can help make this happen.