Sunday, February 5, 2012

5 Questions With Village Trustee Candidate: Adam Gauthier

The Village of Bellevue will be holding a primary election on February 21, 2012 to nominate the candidates who will compete to fill two Trustee positions open this spring. In an effort to educate Bellevue residents, the candidates were given the opportunity to answer five basic questions regarding their campaign.

Below are the responses from Candidate Adam Gauthier.

Question #1: Can You Tell Us About Yourself?
My name is Adam Gauthier, my wife Michelle and I have lived in Bellevue for the past 10 years. I have been involved in our community for the past 7 years serving on the Police Advisory Committee, Site Plan Review Commission and the Bellevue Building Needs Committee.

I am a graduate of Green Bay Preble High School, University of Wisconsin – Green Bay and served our country for 7 years in the Navy.

Question #2: Why are you running for municipal office?
Over the past few years I have been involved in various committees for the Village of Bellevue. During this time I have had the opportunity to serve my fellow residents as well as help shape the community I call home.

I would like to continue to serve my fellow residents of Bellevue by bringing some fresh perspective and ideas to the Village Board.

Question #3: What is the single biggest issue Bellevue faces today or will face during the next few years?
I believe taxes are the major issue facing Bellevue at the moment. The loss of state shared revenue and the demand for services has caused an increase in local taxes for many.

Increasing our tax base is one way to help alleviate this situation. Bellevue must be diligent in attracting new and quality development to our community. We must also be diligent in how taxpayer money is budgeted and spent.

Question #4: What is your view about how local government should operate?
Our local government exists for the residents of the Village of Bellevue. The local government should provide basic services and also services that are requested by the community. The village board is also tasked with making sure these services are provided in the most cost effective manner possible.

Question #5 - If you could say one thing concerning your campaign, what would it be?
I would like to start by saying that I want what is best for the residents of the Village of Bellevue. I am applying for a job, and that job is to represent the residents and ensure that everyone has their voice heard.

Village Trustee is not a job that has attracted much interest the past few years; I am thankful that the residents have a choice of 5 candidates for the Spring 2012 primary. I would appreciate your vote to be your next Village of Bellevue Trustee!