Sunday, January 15, 2012

DEO Tracy Steffens Looking To Help Community Stay Safe

Brown County Sheriff Deputy Tracy Steffens was recently appointed our community police officer for the Village of Bellevue. Her official title is Directed Enforcement Officer (DEO) for the Village of Bellevue.

Steffens is an 8 yr veteran of the Brown County Sheriff's Department and has served as the afternoon shift Bellevue patrol officer for the past 6 years.

Officer Steffens is reaching out to the community in an attempt to identify any neighborhoods who currently have an active neighborhood watch program organized or are interested in having an organized neighborhood watch program started. She is looking to speak with anyone who may be heading their neighborhood watch program in an attempt to assist and provide her time and knowledge with any questions, concerns and updates that you may have.

Please feel free to contact officer Steffens at (920) 884-1082 ext 323. You can also send her an email at: