Thursday, July 16, 2009

Village of Bellevue Receives Funding to Construct Bicycle Lanes and Sidewalks on Verlin and Manitowoc Roads.

The Village of Bellevue received grant funding in the amount of $465,425 from the Department of Transportation for the addition of bicycle lanes and sidewalk on both sides of Verlin Road. The improvements, scheduled for 2010, will be from Main Street to Bellevue Street. The project was submitted by the Village of Bellevue as part of a comprehensive plan to add bicycle and pedestrian facilities on high traffic roads throughout the community.

The Verlin Road Project will be coordinated with the Manitowoc Road Project which will also be completed in 2010. Manitowoc Road will be resurfaced adding bicycle lanes and sidewalk from Allouez Avenue to Main Street. Earlier this year, the Village received grant funding in the amount of $1.25 million for Manitowoc Road from Allouez Avenue to Eaton Road. The remainder from Eaton Road to Verlin Road will be funded jointly by the Department of Transportation, Brown County and the Village. Once completed, residents will be able to safely bicycle or walk from Huron Road (County Road EA) to Bellevue Street (County Road (XX).

We are excited that the Village of Bellevue received this vital funding from the Department of Transportation. This project will improve safety, provide connectivity, stimulate the economy and enhance the overall quality of life in Bellevue.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Parks & Leisure Services Offers Many Benefits

Parks and leisure services are an essential part of a healthy community. It positively impacts health, crime prevention, the environment, the economy, and the quality of life. A benefit is anything that is for the good of a person or thing. There are many well-researched and quantifiable benefits of having parks and recreation in our community.

This information is a compilation of benefits statements and research information from the National Recreation and Park Association and the Wisconsin Park & Recreation Association.

Personal Benefits

  • Physical recreation and fitness activities contribute to a full and meaningful life
  • Balance between work and play
  • Life satisfaction
  • Quality of life
  • Personal development and growth
  • Physical activity reduces the risk of stress-related disease and helps a person live longer

Social Benefits

  • Connected families. Recreating together builds strong families, the foundation of a stronger community.
  • Supports youth, provides outlets for conflict resolution.
  • Reduces crime and delinquency. Recreation - or incarceration? We want kids in our courts - the basketball court, tennis court, volleyball court - not in the juvenile court system!
  • Meaningful recreation activities help reduce the high cost of vandalism and criminal activity. It gives kids a safe place to go and channel their energy in positive directions.
  • Integrated and accessible recreational services and facilities are critical to the quality of life for people with a disability and disadvantaged individuals.
  • Recreational opportunities, facilities and beauty of the local environment are an essential foundation of community pride.
  • Community recreation enhances ethnic and cultural understanding, harmony and tolerance.

Economic Benefits

  • Pay now, or pay more later! Investment in parks and recreation as a preventative health service makes sense.
  • Reduced health care costs and productive workforce
  • Recreation, sports and fitness improves work performance, increases productivity, and decreases absenteeism and staff turnover.
  • Parks and recreation services help motivate relocation and expansion in our community.
  • Parks and recreation facilities are catalysts for tourism.
  • Enhanced land and property values.

Environmental Benefits

  • Clean water, clean air
  • Preserves wildlife
  • Reduces pollution
  • Protection of the eco system
  • Provides places to enjoy nature's beauty
  • Source of community pride
  • Preservation of open space

These are just some of the ways that park and leisure services benefit you, the community, and your neighbors.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Village of Bellevue Announces New Blog

The Village is happy to announce our new Blog. Village staff will provide information, updates and emergency notifications on this blog. In addition to blogging, the Village has established a Twitter account ( and a Facebook page ( These resources will be used to improve communication between Village staff and residents and save printing and mailing costs.

I hope that this Blog will be useful to you.

Best Wishes,
Aaron Oppenheimer
Village Administrator

July is Parks & Recreation Month!

Since 1985, the National Recreation and Park Association has designated July as National Parks and Recreation Month. Everyone in Bellevue, whether they know it or not, celebrates the benefits of parks and recreation each and every day, by visiting their neighborhood park, walking or biking on trails and paths, playing ball and attending events like Movie in the Park and the Senior Picnic.

Parks and recreation facilities, programs and services provide healthy outlets for fitness, relaxation, learning and social interaction. These experiences offer opportunities for people to come together and experience a sense of community.

Research shows that 75 percent of Americans live within two miles of a public park or recreation facility, and more than 75 percent of the population takes advantage of their local parks and recreation facilities, amounting to 192 million visits annually.

The Village of Bellevue Leisure Services Department wants to provide a safe and accessible park environment within a half-mile distance from any home in the Village. With the recent addition of the Shaha Memorial Park, there are now approximately 240 park acres for citizens to explore.

Additionally, The Village of Bellevue Leisure Services Department is committed to promoting recreational, cultural and social programming for residents of all ages and abilities. In 2008, services were provided for more than 3700 participants in recreational programs, and tens of thousands of residents and visitors enjoyed the park system through ball games, shelter rentals and other community events.

This month, get out and take advantage of what the Village of Bellevue has to offer. Pack a picnic, play on a playground, take part in your favorite sport and enjoy the sunshine. Spending the day at a park is not only great for your wallet, it's great for your health, too.

For more information on parks located in the Village of Bellevue go to or call (920) 468-5225.