Friday, January 13, 2017

Ice and Salt, A Good Solution Sometimes...

Wisconsin winters have been becoming increasingly challenging to deal with regarding rapidly changing weather.  We have seen an increase in the number of weather events involving snow and rain followed by rapidly freezing temperatures.  The results are a mess, literally.

Bellevue has trained staff knowledgeable in the science of salt application and how to effectively apply it.  The applicators have been calibrated with settings to apply the right amount of salt to melt the ice and remove it before refreeze.  The road temperature is a significant factor in how much and how fast ice melts, but also the wind, amount of sun, amount of traffic, the length of time it is in active solution, the type of road surface, and the amount of shade.

Generally, salt needs some liquid to activate and break the ice bonds.  The Village sprays a brine solution to the salt as it is being spread to jump start the melting process.  This pre-wetting of the salt also prevents salt from bouncing to the curb and allows the salt to stay in the travel lanes where it can do the most benefit.

There is a point where road temperatures and the amount of ice accumulations make it ineffective to
apply.  Usually this temperature is around 15 degrees.  Compared to 30 degree pavement temperatures, you need 7-8 times more salt to melt the same amount of ice at 15 degree pavement temperatures.  Often times staff is looking at the extended forecast to determine if it makes sense to apply the salt.

Placing abrasives on the road is not always the end all solution to low temperatures.  When applied, the Village will typically place the material near the approach to intersections, curves, and hills.  The problem with using abrasives is that they sometimes melt into the ice, scatter to the curb with moving traffic, require more frequent applications, and are environmentally more hazardous than salt applications.

Wisconsin winter weather will result in some roads not having bare pavement for quite a while.  Bellevue will continue efforts to provide safe roads while being environmentally.  Please be aware that it may take more time to accomplish this goal, but it is always our goal to provide this service.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

10 Below Freezer Meals Offers Upcoming Class

10 Below Freezer Meals is hosing a Smart Choice Menu Class on Friday, January 20th from 6:30-9:00pm at the Bellevue Community Center (1811 Allouez Avenue).  10 Below Freezer Meal classes provide you with an easy shopping list and they provide the rest at the class.  The Smart Choice Menu is designed with the Weight Watcher Smart Pointsin mind.  The class is only $45 and all containers, labels seasoning and oils are provided.  Dishes to be prepared are:  Chunky Joe Burritos, Mediterranean Shrimp (or chicken), Vegetarian Chili, Crock Pot Mandarin Beef, Savory Pork Tenderloin with Sweet Rice, Crustless Vegetable Quiche, and Carrot Mash. 

To register for the class, register online at

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2017 Dog License Reminder

Are you harboring a fugitive?  You may be if you haven't received your 2017 dog license. 2016 dog licenses expired on December 31st.  This is a reminder that annually the owner of a dog more than five months old shall obtain a dog license. You must bring in or mail a current rabies vaccination certificate from a veterinarian in order to be issued a license. You must also provide documentation of the spay/neutered procedure from your veterinarian (not necessary for renewals). Licenses issued after March 31, 2017 will pay an additional $5.00 penalty per Wisconsin State Statutes.
  • Spayed Female or Neutered Male - $7.00
  • Not Spayed Female or Not Neutered Male - $30.00
Licenses are available at the Village Office at 2828 Allouez Avenue during regular business hours of 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  Please note that tags provided from a veterinarian, indicating a rabies vaccination, are not official dog licenses.

2017 Village of Bellevue Citizen's Academy, Classes Starting on March 9

Have you wanted to get more involved in your local government? Always wanted to learn about how things run and work in your community? The 2017 Bellevue Citizen's Academy is a great place to start.

The goals of the academy are to provide an educational experience for participants at the same time offering an opportunity for residents and business owners to ask questions and to present their ideas. For many participants this opportunity will lead to an increase in community involvement and volunteerism.

Participants will attend one evening per night over a period of six weeks. Sessions will last approximately an hour and a half. Village staff will facilitate the sessions and provide in depth information on administration, local government, law enforcement, fire protection, public works, budget/finance, community development and leisure services.  There are no tests; past members have felt that they are the ones testing the presenters.

The academy is no cost to participants due to the generous donation received from the Guyette Family who have supported the academy since its inception.

Those who complete the program will have their achievement acknowledged by receiving their certificate of completion at a graduation ceremony held during a Village Board meeting. The Village understands this is a time commitment and if there is a reason for missing one or two sessions we are happy to still accept you as a student.

Class Dates: Thursday, March 9; Thursday, March 16; Thursday, March 30; Thursday, April 6; Thursday, April 13; Thursday, April 20; and Wednesday, April 26 graduation at the Village Board Meeting

All classes start at 6:00 p.m.  Graduation night will be held at 5:30 p.m.  Classes are held at the Village Hall/Public Safety Building at 3100 Eaton Road and one class will be held at the Village Public Works Building at 2828 Allouez Ave.

Village residency is required and registration is completed on-line through the Village Online Recreation Registration program or in-person at the Village Office (2828 Allouez Ave.). Any questions can be directed to Village Administrator, Angela Gorall.

Monday, January 9, 2017

December 2016 Building Permit Numbers

The Village issued 27 permits for the month of December for a total permitted value of $671,440.

Final year-end numbers for 2016 is 481 total permits for $18,996,193 in permitted value compared to 455 permits issued and a total permitted value of $17,869,658 for last year (2015). 

The 481 permits issued is the highest total since 2007.

The permitted value is the second highest total in the past seven years.

The largest permit issued for December 2016 was for a commercial alteration of the former Globe University building that will be welcoming a new tenant in early 2017.

The Village had thirty (30) single-family permits issued for 2016.