Thursday, May 5, 2016

Village Committee, Commission, Board Member Appointments Approved

The Village Board approved appointments to various committees, commissions and boards at their April 27th meeting. We would like to thank all these volunteers and dedicated citizens for their commitment and their time to the Village of Bellevue. The Village would also like to welcome all new appointments to our committees, commissions and boards.

To learn more about these important bodies and how they serve the Village visit the Boards & Commission page. If you would like to volunteer your time for a committee, commission or board please complete and submit the Volunteer Application Form on the Village website.  All appointments and re-appointments are completed annually in April, but applications are accepted at any time.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Available Position - Assistant to the Administrator

The Village recently posted an available full-time position, Assistant to the Administrator. Interested applicants should visit the Village's Job Opportunities page for the complete Job Posting and Job Description.  Applications for the position will be accepted until June 1st.

2016 Citizen's Academy Graduation

Congratulations to the 2016 Village of Bellevue Citizen's Academy graduates.  A graduation ceremony was recently completed at the April 27th Village Board meeting recognizing the citizen students for their attendance and participation in our Academy. The Bellevue Citizen's Academy will be held again beginning in March, 2017.

The following graduates were recognized:
  • Chris Salentine
  • Don Cesario
  • Joel Cornell
  • David Daul
  • Kyle Lauf
  • Laurie Evans
  • Patricia Maccoux
  • Michelle Oelklaus
  • Robert Zeratsky
  • Romelle Zeratsky
  • Beverly Larsen

Firefighters Training with the "Smurf"

Recently the Bellevue Firefighters conducted a short pump training utilizing a new piece of equipment nicknamed the "Smurf" by firefighters, due to the color (blue), properly called the Blitzfire nozzle by Task Force Tips.

The nozzle is designed to allow firefighters to do more with less. This particular blitz nozzle can flow up to 500 gallons per minute, is lightweight and maneuverable, is easily setup, and can be left un-monitored. Once the water stream is set and is directed at the desired target the firefighter can then leave the Blitzfire nozzle and perform other tasks on the ground. The nozzle will shut itself off if it begins to slide or shift. The Blitzfire nozzle can be setup to provide a solid stream of water with varying sizes of smoothbore tips or varying degrees of a fog pattern with a different nozzle. The department has two Blitzfire nozzles, or "Smurfs", and they are carried on each of the front line Engines (Engine 511 and Engine 521). With today's fast changing fire environment this piece of equipment proves to be invaluable to the firefighters.