Monday, March 20, 2017

Memorial Tree & Bench Sponsor Program

Through the Memorial Tree and Bench Program anyone can provide a unique dedication to honor a friend, relative, or member of an organization by placing a tree or bench in one of Bellevue’s Parks. This dedication provides a lasting memory and enhances the meaning of a tree or bench to others.  The gift is also a valuable contribution to our park system to be used and enjoyed by all.

Tree Sponsors
The cost of a memorial tree is $425.  This price includes the tree, plaque on recognition board, regular maintenance including fertilizing, pruning and mulching.  The trees are 2 – 2 ½ inches in diameter, balled and burlapped.  Trees will be planted at the appropriate time of the year to ensure optimal growth (typically May & October as weather permits).  Six tree species available for this program include:

  • Freeman Maple
  • Sugar Maple
  • Bur Oak
  • Swamp White Oak
  • Kentucky Coffeetree
  • American Linden
Bench Sponsors
The cost of a memorial bench is $950.  The price includes a six foot bench with a back plaque, and installation on a concrete pad.  Benches will be installed in the early Summer or Fall.

How to Order?
Download the Tree & Bench Sponsor Program brochure here, print, complete and mail in to the Village Offices. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

NFPA: Babysitting Safety

Having a babysitter can give you peace of mind. It allows you to leave your child with someone you trust. Be sure your babysitter knows what to do if there is a fire.

Show the babysitter your home escape plan and make sure the babysitter understands:
  • two ways out of every room.
  • where the outdoor meeting place is located.
  • the fire department or emergency phone number.
  • how to unlock all doors and windows.
If you allow your babysitter to cook, make sure the babysitter:
  • keeps your child at least 3 feet away from the stove.
  • keeps your child at least 3 feet away from the microwave oven.
  • never leaves the room while cooking.
  • keeps anything that can catch fire away from the stove top.
  • keeps pets off surfaces and counter tops.
If the smoke alarm sounds, make sure your babysitter knows to:
  • get out of the home quickly with your child to safety.
  • use the second way out is smoke is in the way.
  • get low and go under the smoke to the exit if an escape must be made through the smoke.
Store matches and lighters our of your child's reach. Candles should not be used by your babysitter.

Make sure your babysitter keeps a 3-foot "kid-free zone" around space heaters.

Always leave the phone number where you can be reached. Cell phones make this easy. be sure the babysitter knows the address of the home.

Babysitter Training:
Many places offer babysitter classes. these are online and in the classroom. Some schools and hospitals give training. Classes teach how to care for children. They also teach first aid. they teach CPR and what to do in case of an emergency.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Spring Thaw = People on the Roads

It finally is starting to feel like spring outside which means that people will be starting to come out of hibernation and being near roads. Pedestrians and bicycle traffic is going to be increasing greatly, kids will be playing in yards near streets. Children 5 to 9 and adults over 75 are the most vulnerable to accidents and collisions with vehicles. Being struck by a car is a leading cause of death and injury in Wisconsin. Injury prevention begins with a mutual respect between motorists and pedestrians on the road at all times.

When children are playing outdoors with cars passing by please be aware if they have a ball or something that might go into the road. Children lack the ability to quickly evaluate risk and safety, speed of moving car, or lack the sense of danger. Children are also harder to visualize due to their small stature around vehicles, please be mindful and trust any front, side or back sensors on vehicles.

Law enforcement reminds you to minimize distractions while driving to be more aware of all your surroundings.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Groundbreaking for BayCare Clinic

A little rain didn't dampen the groundbreaking for the Plastic Surgery & Skin Care Specialists by BayCare Clinic on Development Drive on the afternoon of Monday, March 6th. The $2.8 million dollar clinic will soon add to the the new mix of businesses going in the GV/172 area! Welcome to Bellevue and congratulations!

The clinic will be home to BayCare's Plastic Surgery & Skin Specialists for plastic surgery, dermatology and aesthetics services. The building will be designed for possible future expansion.

Construction is scheduled for completion by Oct. 13.