Friday, January 30, 2015

Recognition of Bob Vanden Heuvel

The Village would like to personally thank Bob Vanden Heuvel, who recently resigned from the Village of Bellevue Plan Commission after almost 18 years of volunteer service.  Bob began serving on the Town of Bellevue Plan Commission back in May of 1997 and has continued his service rarely missing a scheduled meeting during his tenure.  Bob also volunteered on many other committees and groups related to special plans.  Bob was also elected to serve as the Vice Chairman/Secretary of the Plan Commission in 2011 and held that position until his resignation.
Paul Hamachek, who recently served on the Site Plan Review Commission for nine years and held the position of Chairperson, was appointed to take Bob's place by the Village Board at their January 28th meeting. 
Thanks for all your service Bob!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Village Crews Are Out Pruning and Trimming Street Trees

As part of the Village’s Urban Forestry Program, the Village is pruning & trimming street trees within the right-of-way between January & March 2015.

Listed below are some recent photos of staff at work.

Scheduled tree pruning is planned for the following areas in 2015:
West of County V and North of Allouez Avenue to Main St.
Using the Village’s Interactive Mapping System (, pruning area will be Zones 1, 2, 8, 9, & 10.

The work is performed by the Village Arborist and trained Public Works staff following ISA Standard Practices for Tree Care Operations-Pruning as identified by the Village’s Tree Ordinance and Arboricultural Specifications Manual.  Village staff will be inspecting the work to ensure that it meets specifications.

Common reasons for pruning are to remove dead, dying or diseased branches and/or to remove crowded or rubbing limbs. Trees may be pruned to increase light and air penetration to the inside of the tree’s crown or to the landscape below.  Lastly, a tree’s crown may be raised to allow cars, school buses, garbage trucks and snow plows to operate without contacting low hanging branches; causing significant damage to the vehicle and/or tree.

If you have questions contact:
Doug Tenor, Village of Bellevue Arborist
(920) 468-5225
or go online at:

Employees Celebrate 35 Years of Service with the Village

Mark Gajeski and Chuck Karnopp are celebrating 35 years of dedicated service with the Village of Bellevue. Chuck started with the Village on July 30, 1979 and Mark started on September 4, 1980. Both work as Laborers/Foreman with the Public Works Department. Mark and Chuck were presented with Mini VanLangenberg Clock Tower replicas in recognition of their many years of service at a recent staff meeting. Congratulations Chuck and Mark! Thank you for your service!

2015 Horticulture Classes

Brown County UW-Extension and NEW Master Gardener have a wide variety of 2015 horticulture classes available.  The UW-Extension office is located at 1150 Bellevue Street and most classes are offered for a small fee of $5-$15. Visit the Horticulture and Natural Resources Program webpage for a full list of 2015 classes.  Classes include, but are not limited to: Seed Starting 101, Do-it-Yourself Compost Tumbler Class, Vegetable Gardening for Beginners, Pruning Trees & Shrubs, and Sustainable Lawn Care Practices. Pre-registration for classes is required.  For more information contact the Brown County UW-Extension Horticulture Department at 920-391-4653.